Monday 26 October 2020

There was still a long way to go. The busy highlights and beeping of horns filled the streets of the 
old town, bound by ocean without ways to cross it. In the chaos, a faint cry of panic sounded through 
my ears, the clanging of the chain the smiling pilot burdened me with upon arrival, like a bell chime 
calling its followers to itself, back to where they once came. After our momentary farewells, the plane 
lifted off again to seek its next passenger, to take them to a new journey, eventually giving the same 
reward, a ticket to the past, but without away to get back there. Upon closer observance of the town, 
there was nothing to be seen, nothing to resemble the chain, one of a kind, leaving us only one way 
to go… forward. Forward, past the bellowing of the bushes, the humming of the birds and the towering 
lampposts melodically leading the way to what I had come to find…
A photography project by: 

63°31'53.4"N 19°30'42.9"W
64°41'53.6"N 14°26'00.4"W​​​​​​​
63°53'42.5"N 22°03'33.7"W
64°57'47'' N 19°1.25' O
64°02'48.1"N 16°10'20.4"W
64°01'14.6"N 16°15'14.4"W
64°02'38.2"N 16°10'37.0"W
63°40'35.5"N 18°08'24.0"W
63°25'01.6"N 18°43'47.9"W
63°24'56.8"N 18°45'42.1"W
63°53'38.0"N 22°03'31.6"W​​​​​​​
63°27'29.7"N 19°21'53.8"W
64°57'47'' N 19°1.25' O
64°01'28.1"N 16°21'31.9"W
64°01'36.9"N 16°22'32.9"W
64°01'36.9"N 16°22'32.9"W
Overall set_

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